"Dan kehidupan dunia ini hanya senda gurau dan permainan. Dan sesungguhnya negeri akhirat itulah kehidupan yang sebenarnya, sekiranya mereka mengetahui." [29:64]

14 September 2012

just thinking...

and hye guys! whatsuppp?? happy with your life now? i really miss my blog, i miss to express what i feel in this site *really trying hard to speaking as speaking test will be held on 24th sept. help me guys*

so now, i'm at tbs *again*. i'm going to melaka of course *takkan lah sarawak pulak* my life now at cfs. Alhamdulillah. really appreciate it, thanks to Allah for making my life greatest :)
i already got my result for mid term and once again Alhamdulillah. i've got a- for math and a for physics. really shocked after i knew my physic's result because others know how i behave with phy. HAHA. after this i'm going to say ILOVEYOU PHYSICS :P *paling terharu bila farah tanya tips study. "farah, shasya tk pandai mana pun lah"*

okay, what am i thinking actually?? it's about exam and life. i'm just thinking that after we finished our 2 hours of doing exam. we can predict either the exam is hard or easy, we can get A or not, we can pass or not and so on. but in life, after we live about 50 years pun, we cannot predict how much our sin and pahala. true right??

i am sure that nobody will think that they all got many pahala. is there?? everyone know that they had done many sin but why can't they trying to make pahala? if we asked them, they will absolutely answer they want to live in heaven ever after but they still doing something wrong. i don't say i'm perfect and got many pahala. gilaaaa lah. what i'm trying to say is make a change and improve your shorter lives with something good that can bring to akhirat.

"our life is getting shorter right? use it wisely. like SERIOUSLYY."

sorry for the BROKEN english. OME

salam sayang,

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