"Dan kehidupan dunia ini hanya senda gurau dan permainan. Dan sesungguhnya negeri akhirat itulah kehidupan yang sebenarnya, sekiranya mereka mengetahui." [29:64]

10 September 2015

Welcome Second Year

Assalamualaikum. Yeah i know i've been so lazy to update my blog. Even my second ig also. I dont know where is my passion towards writing now. Pupus? Naaa see im writing now. Haha.

Alhamdulillah this is my 2nd year 1st sem at iium which mean im in my 3rd sem already. And 5 sems is still waiting. Hew lamanyaaa nak habis!

And i really not having any idea what to write right now. Well, my azam in the new sem is to get good result i guess. And i always pray that i can do my best in my biotech engineering. I get so scared to enter the subjects for this majoring. Lama tak jumpa biologi weh!

Doakan okay?

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